Mike Myers Wedding Photobomb

2016.07.23 – The day of the Mike Myers Wedding Photobomb


Let me start by saying that this world is a crazy place, and in these confusing times it can be hard to find things to effortlessly laugh about. But this day, the birthday of Kate(the Boss @ the Spragues) and the wedding date of our dear friends Brian and Jennifer, that was not the case. There were many things that led to this singular moment of hilarity. We became friends with Brian and Jen. They trusted us to photograph their wedding. Their ceremony and portrait time were rained out and delayed until after the reception. And lastly, for some unknown reason, Mike Myers was walking by in a group of people, one of which suggested that he get in the photo with our friends.

Let me be perfectly honest, I did not recognize him right away. In fact when he first approached me asking, “mind if I get in a photo?” I sighed and then told him to hurry up and get in there for one photo. I rushed Mike Myers along like some dorky uncle or drunken tourist that I have dealt with so many times before. The first thing Kate and I did notice was the Joy Division t-shirt he was wearing, which we both freaked out about. Jennifer, the bride, knew instantly. As you can see in the 3rd image in the series. She began mumbling incoherently while completely losing her mind. I was confused at the level of her reaction until her husband joined in (seen in images 7/8). Kate initially thought he was a pretender to the throne, someone who only looked like Mike Myers. After all, one does not simply meet Mike Myers on the street…. or so we thought.

Soon, with me being the last to see it, we all realized that this was indeed Mr. Michael John “Mike” Myers. Wayne Campbell. Sir Augustine Danger “Austin” Powers. Shrek. That was the moment I stopped taking photos. The same moment that Kate gave him a hug and I shook his hand bidding him a good night and thanking him for saying hi. And then it was over.

But the laughter had just begun. I cannot remember a time that I have laughed continuously for that long. All four of us did. We walked and talked and shouted and laughed for over an hour. Maybe it was the Vermont air… maybe it was the Vermont beer, but regardless, thanks for being so cool Mike. And if by chance you see this, thanks for showing us grace in what was not our finest hour.

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The Spragues <3

  • Nathandagrathan

    July 29, 2016 at 2:53 am

    Great story! Great photos. World.is a crazy place and glad it made a great story!

  • Justin Kunimoto

    July 29, 2016 at 3:26 am

    Saw this on LLF. This is awesome – it’s not even fair. We are not worthy! I’m jealous but so happy for the couple and you two~! 😀

  • Nubia Chaidez

    September 27, 2016 at 4:31 pm

    My smile got bigger and bigger as I scrolled down the post. What a visual storyteller you are…amazing moment that was beautifully captured!

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